Just Cutting a Nice Big Slice of Humble Pie

Don't forget - we don't live here any more! We've moved to http://www.karlosmorale.com It's lovely there - we've got a pool and everything. I don't know. Maybe it's something within my genetic make-up that causes me to root for the underdog. Part of our British national identity is supporting the little guy, the no-hoper, the [...]

karlosmorale.com launches!

Guess what? Our new site is live right now 🙂 Content will be moving to http://www.karlosmorale.com - so if you've enjoyed reading up to this point. take yourself over there and follow again. Like here: https://www.facebook.com/KarlosMoraleBlog Follow here: https://twitter.com/karlosmorale Read here: http://karlosmorale.com/ A massive thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed, commented and liked so far. [...]

50/50 – Batman: Arkham Asylum

50 Games in 50* Days The concept of this series of blog posts is 3 fold: 1. Play 50 games that I’ve never played before over (roughly) 50 days. 2. Write reviews of the games. 3. Select games on the basis that they’re cheap and offer an alternative to the cost of going out. I [...]

“As a jock, it is my duty to give nerds a hard time.”

So here's a piece of interesting news. It seems that the United States will now recognise League of Legends players (and presumably, now a precedent is set, soon other top e-sports titles) as 'professional athletes' in terms of obtaining visas. So in legal terms, a top League player would stand shoulder to shoulder with Usain [...]

It ASDA be said, that’s pretty good

After all that messing about from Microsoft and Sony at E3 and afterwards, you could be forgiven for having a bit of 'new-gen' console fatigue. I know I do. So maybe you don't WANT 5 gabillion ultra-super pixels rendered into your hyper-mega sprites. Maybe you don't WANT to play Electronic Arts games. Maybe, you don't [...]